With properties operating in some of the most remote regions of Tanzania, we have been able to improve employment in regions where the income per family unit was way below the poverty mark. This has in turn improved the basic living conditions per family unit.

We have an internal training program that enables us to train staff, with little or no experience, to develop their skills in the hospitality industry. This ensures opportunities for employment to people from local communities, where there has been little opportunity or access to formal training. Once our new members are trained, they will move to have integral roles in the hospitality service we provide at any one of our prestigious properties. Promising candidates are further sponsored by Mbali Mbali to obtain formal training in their areas of interest.

Many of our long-term employees started with a training program and have successfully achieved internal promotion to further their careers. In fact, our team at Gombe Forest Lodge comprises of 14 staff members who together have accumulated a total of 88 years with the company; that ranges from staff members who have been with us from two months up to 18 years. This makes for fascinating stories of the chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park, who have been interacting with our staff for many years.

Within each property, there are key senior positions and junior support positions. We employ from the local communities around the lodges for many of the support positions so the benefit of employment has a direct impact on the local community.

Our success story: Look out for Ibrahim who is currently working at Tarangire River Camp. His education was sponsored by the company at a school in the Kigoma Region. In May 2012, Ibrahim was offered an opportunity to train at Tarangire River Camp. He started as a tent attendant but soon showed his potential and got moved to the restaurant where he underwent even more training. Ibrahim has excelled in this position and with motivation from our guests he was promoted to Head Waiter in May 2014 and is currently being trained for a position with our Front Office. Ibrahim is affectionately known as "Mr. Personality", a nickname many guests give him for his vibrant personality and bright smile, as he is always willing to go the extra mile.