Mbali Mbali Lodges and Camps works with its sister company, Zantas Air Services Ltd, to offer Private and Shared Charter Flights. We are able to fly passengers from Arusha to Western Tanzania and onwards to Rwanda and Uganda direct without having them to route via Dar es Salaam or Kilimanjaro.

Safety is a top priority. That’s what makes Zantas Air the leading air charter company in East Africa. The world-renowned Cessna Grand Caravans in their fleet ensure maximal security as the safest for travel across tarmac and rough terrain. All their pilots are required to have logged a minimum 1500 hours of flight time to ensure a high level of experience.

Flown by an international crew of pilots, Zantas Air has the newest fleet of 5 Cessna Grand Caravans in Tanzania. These aircrafts are purchased directly from the manufacturer and are maintained with the highest safety standards to comply with the ICAO, CESSNA, and TCAA directives.


We are able to arrange Private Charters for a more exclusive travel experience. Ask about our executive seating where we configure our aircrafts with eight executive seats which offer more legroom and recline for a more comfortable journey.

Alternatively, clients can use our Shared Charters to book a seat on our aircrafts to travel through our destinations. Our packages offer special rates for our destinations when you book flights with our Shared Charter that operates on a Monday/Thursday schedule.

Zantas Air has a private lounge at Arusha Airport. You can relax on our sofas, use our wi-fi network, and enjoy a beverage as you wait to board your flight.