Park: Mahale
Gender: Female
Born: 1985
Still Alive: Alive

Mostly associated with her family, Sally is very rarely engaged with other members of the group. She is often found running whilst the group is walking and she has a very long face. Sally left the group for about a year around the time she was coming of age. She returned and gave birth soon after. There are no reports on whether her infant was fathered outside the group or that there was any hostility to her infant when she returned. Sally gave birth to a new male infant in 2010.



Park Mahale
Gender Female
Born 2005
Still alive? Alive

Daughter of Sally, she has similar behaviour to her mother. Swala likes to pick up leaves and put them in her mouth between her teeth. When she was 3 years old she would try to suckle from her mother but Sally would fold her arms and turn around preventing her from suckling.